Metal Lion 300 for Firefox. 

Metal Lion 300

A Theme for all Windows versions, Linux  and Mac Operating Systems using the Firefox 2.0 - 3.7+ Browser.

Metal Lion - 300  by Frank Lion.  -  Metal Lion and The Spartans Meet.

 Version 3.8.9 Compatibility :  Firefox:  3.0b5 - 3.7.* 
 Version 1.8.6 Compatibility :  Firefox:  2.0 – 2.0.0.*

Metal Lion 300 Preview

Inspired by the film 300, this theme has been designed to have a long lasting appeal to both fans of the film, but equally to those who have never seen or heard of it. Whereas other themes of mine have concentrated on gradient and/or 3D effects, this theme explores the interplay of colours and also the use of transparent effects. Also not being constrained by having to stick to a Vista or Mac look, has also meant that I am able to let rip on this one.

All icons and graphics used in this theme are designed, created, made and copyrighted to Frank Lion, with the single exception of the helmet image used in the Theme Preview (heavily reworked) and Downloads windows which is used by the kind permission of

I hope you enjoy using this theme as much as I enjoyed making it.

Frank  :)

Known Issue -  AIOS extension.

Metal Lion 300 for Firefox                        Metal Lion 300                       Download Window

The Firefox 3 version, click for full view.                       Metal Lion 300.                                                      Downloads Window.

Options Window                        Customise Window                       Addons Manager

Options Window, click for full view.                             Customise Window                                                Addons Manager

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                                   Metal Lion - 300. Version 3.8.9 - 1,223 KB                         (Right click and select 'Save As..')
                                        Compatibility :  Firefox:  3.0b5 - 3.7.*                                                                 

                                                    Install Link                                                         Download Link   
                                   Metal Lion - 300. Version 1.8.6 - 1,082 KB                         (Right click and select 'Save As..') 
                                        Compatibility :  Firefox: 2.0 – 2.0.0.*

Theme Support

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Version History with Changelogs

(All old versions are still available, just write to us if you need any of them.)

Version 3.8.9 —1st of January, 2010 — 1,223 KB

1. New version recoded for Firefox 3.6 and 3.7. It is also backwards compatible with Firefox versions 3.0 and 3.5.
2. New fullscreen button for 3.6+
3. RSS feed fix.
4. Many fixes to improve compatibility with the Linux Operating System
5. Plugin icon fix in Addons Manager.
6. Many visual improvement fixes, especially on text colours.
7. Recoding fixes to improve flexibility with different font sizes for visually impaired users.

Version 3.8.8 — July 7, 2009 — 1,541 KB

1. New version released for Firefox 3.5, which is also backwards compatible with Firefox 3.0
2. Urlbar recoding for various security states.
3. Net Error pages  fix.
4. Bookmark Organizer fixes.
5. New Privacy Mode pages fix.
6. New tab button on tabbar fix.
7. 'Go' button fix.
8. Changes to text colours in Addons Manager for Linux users.
9. Throbbar on toolbars, sidebar, etc fix.
10. Video/audio media controls fix.
11. Clear Recent History window fix.
12. Session Restore window fix.
14. Scrollbars recoding fix.
15. New images created for Privacy mode and other new features.
16. Searchbar History dropdown restyled.

Version 3.8.6 — March 5, 2009 — 1,233 KB

1. Maximum height fix for Statusbar and Findbar.
2. History View button colour change.
3. Repositioning of Edit Bookmark Window.
4. Added @import url for Metal Lion 300 loading screen option instead of blank screen.
5. Urlbar dropdown fix.
6. Googlebar Lite extension background fix.
7. UrlBarExt extension fix.

Version 3.8.4 — October 21, 2008 — 1,233 KB

New version released for Firefox 3.

Version 1.8.6 — March 31, 2008 — 1,082 KB

1. Tab panel border fix.
2. Throbber sizing fix.
3. Menubar fix to allow lower height for text only modes.

Version 1.8.4 — December 6, 2007 — 1,082 KB

1. Fission extension fix. Now compatible with Metal Lion - 300.

Version 1.8.2 — November 21, 2007 — 1,082 KB

1. Alert slider (seen on Downloads Complete and ForecastFox, etc.) now themed to match tooltips.
2. Text colours changed in 'Text and Icons' and 'Text Only' modes. Hover underlining added to actionable text.

Version 1.8.1 — November 8, 2007 — 1,082 KB
- Update Details:

1. Bug fix to text display with the ReminderFox extension.

Version 1.8 — October 28, 2007 — 1,082 KB

1. New Statusbar image, which will display correctly for my new extension - HiViz. Which is soon to be released.
2. New checkbox image, reason as above.
3. Coding changes to Customize Window, reason as above.
4. Coding changes to Tabbox and Tabbrowser areas, reason as above plus tab min width reduced.
5. Findbar text input - removed minimum font size.

Version 1.7.9 — October 3, 2007 — 1,081 KB

1. Statusbar recode to allow visually impaired users to use larger font sizes.
2. Progressmeter position adjustments.

Version 1.7.8 — September 25, 2007 — 1,081 KB

1. New matching toolbar button for the GetMail extension.
2. Coding rewrite of searchbar/urlbar coding.
3. New backgrounds (normal/selected) for column headers seen in DOM Inspector and elsewhere.

Version 1.7.7 — September 21, 2007 — 1,081 KB

1. Addons Window bug fix for text colours used in headers.
2. Sidebar opens to 800 pixels and now closes down to 0 pixels, to allow selection of Bookmarks and History in Sidebar by favicon alone.
3. Compact Menu extension now has own default icon to match throbber icon.
4. In previous version, but please note Searchbar History button/dropdown list. This is in addition to Search Suggestions.

Version 1.7 — September 14, 2007 — 1,078 KB
First released.