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Just to amuse you here's a great special vid from a contact at the Limelight Agency , that is promoting the work of a very talented guy, Sebastian Kruger. I think is is pretty special stuff, if you do as well, please leave a review on the YouTube site. :)

After that vid ends, there are links shown to more artwork, including that by Ronnie Wood of The Stones.

Frank :)

This next video was my first ever sight of the film '300'. I was actually searching for the Weather Girls song and just came across this!

Right since I designed my first theme for Firefox, Metal Lion 2,  I was always keen on the idea of making a theme based on ancient Rome. Trouble was, I knew that those bright reds and golds that look so great in films just would not work in a theme. The solution would be to mute those colours right down, but I knew, from experience, that Firefox users just would not be ready for a theme that looked like that and shelved the idea.

Then I saw this vid and knew immediately that if the film I saw on it was at all successful, then the time was right for that theme. I checked out the film, found out that it was a big hit and set to making what would evolve into the Metal Lion - 300 theme. Sit back and enjoy the vid that set that ball rolling.

Following a good number of requests, the Slideshow of my Blue Moonlight Vista theme,  which is unavailable to the public at the moment, has returned for your viewing delight. ...just click of the theme preview below to start the show. :)

BMV Slideshow.

The Show Must Go On. -
To view the E-Phonic MP3 Player you will need to have Javascript turned on and have Flash Player 9 or better installed.

...Two delighted users celebrate the Chrismas release of Aluminium Kai 2 for Firefox 3    .
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