Metal Lion - Music, Pictures and Video

Music, Pictures and Video

Just to amuse you here's a great special vid from a contact at the Limelight Agency , that is promoting the work of a very talented guy, Sebastian Kruger. I think it is pretty special stuff, if you do as well, please leave a review on the YouTube site. :)

After that vid ends, there are links shown to more artwork, including that by Ronnie Wood of The Stones.

Frank :)

This next video was my first ever sight of the film '300'. I was actually searching for the Weather Girls song and just came across this!

Right since I designed my first theme for Firefox, Metal Lion 2, I was always keen on the idea of making a theme based on ancient Rome. Trouble was, I knew that those bright reds and golds that look so great in films just would not work in a theme. The solution would be to mute those colours right down, but I knew, from experience, that Firefox users just would not be ready for a theme that looked like that and shelved the idea.

Then I saw this vid and knew immediately that if the film I saw on it was at all successful, then the time was right for that theme. I checked out the film, found out that it was a big hit and set to making what would evolve into the Metal Lion - 300 theme. Sit back and enjoy the vid that set that ball rolling.

The Show Must Go On.

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...Two delighted users celebrate the return of Aluminium Kai 2 to Addons ....

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